D.H. Griffin Experienced A 70% Improvement In Efficiency And Overhauled Peporting With A New Fleet Management Solution

Posted: May 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

D.H. Griffin’s Fleet has been making headlines lately over an efficiency improvement. In fact, Field Technologies Online reports, D.H. Griffin experienced a 70% improvement in efficiency and overhauled reporting with a new fleet management solution.

Trucking operations are subject to an ever increasing number of state and federal regulations, and keeping accurate records related to mileage, fuel consumption, hours of service, and other information is critical to avoid potentially hefty fines. For operators of large, busy fleets, gathering all of the necessary data manually is nearly impossible.

D.H. Griffin Wrecking Co. learned this firsthand when manual fuel tax record keeping led to inaccuracies that caught the attention of auditors. To address this issue, the company implemented an automated fleet management solution that has not only vastly improved the accuracy of its records, but also improved efficiency by nearly 70 percent.

Read more from Field Technologies Online here: http://www.fieldtechnologiesonline.com/doc/from-basic-gps-tracking-to-full-fledged-fleet-management-0001 11236156_934493213240291_7681320570059899950_o

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